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Product features

  • High-security double-row 12-blade lock cylinder, internal pressure type square side column locking structure, completely different from the traditional marble lock cylinder, super B-level security, anti-technical unlocking time is more than 260 minutes
  • Double locking hook 360-degree rotation setting, the locking hook is controlled by an ad hoc ratchet mechanism, and after locking, the more it struggles to lock, further ensuring the anti-theft performance of the car
  • Alarm baffle setting, sensitive anti-theft
  • lock itself without alarm device, use the original car horn, turn the steering wheel or violently unlock, the baffle will press the car horn whistle alarm
  • Alloy steel cast lock body, sturdy lock surface scrubbing, interpretation of safety and aesthetics of the car steering wheel lock, if necessary, when the safety hammer to break the glass to escape
  • Anti-abrasion design, this lock adopts anti-wear soft rubber, and the parts of the lock body and lock hook that contact with the steering wheel are protected by anti-wear soft rubber, effectively preventing the occurrence of hard friction and scratching the steering wheel

Product Description

【Product Description】

1.With a tight design, when the car is locked, the lock hook and the lock body are tightly connected. When the lock hook catches the steering wheel, the lock hook is pressed down, and the lock hook can only be pressed more tightly and can be released after unlocking.

2.Innovative design of anti-saw steering wheel, locked in the position of the steering column, even if the steering wheel can not be removed.

3.Anti-saw-cut delays brute force cracking time, the handle is embedded with steel bars, and the baffle is heat-treated to the same extent as the saw blade hydraulic shear, anti-saw, anti-cut.

4.Hook and hard heat treatment, can resist 16 tons of hydraulic shears, greatly improving the safety factor of the lock.

5.Equipped with 3 full copper blade keys, it is antibacterial and durable. Say goodbye to the “figure” and “cross-shaped” keys and the safe sign!

6.Collapsible design, flapper and lock handle are foldable, easy to carry, save space.

【Package Includes:】

1x Car Steering Wheel Lock

3x Keys

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