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Product features

  • Universal and secure design, compatible with most cars with chip key.
  • Bypasses immobilizer for engine chip lock. simple two-wire connection for super easy installation,
  • If your key is bigger than this unit case, please take out the chip or whole PCB to the case.
  • Bypass the chip immobilzer in factory OEM key fob for supporting remote starter \ car alarm \ engine start/stop push button \ Copy key.
  • PLEASE NOTE: 1. a spare key is required to go inside the box
  • 2. wheel steering lock need to be released if your car with it(method see the Ninth Image and Description.

Product Description

This is a bypass module for Car Alarm remote engine Start & Release Engine with the Latest Chip Avoidance Device

How to disable the OEM Steering wheel lock?(for some cars with steering wheel lock)

Method: Use a duplicated car key and turn to ON position:
1) Copy a car key by your OEM car blank key;
2 ) Insert the duplicated car key into the key socket and turn to ON position;
3) Break the outside part of the duplicated on the key socket, and keep it on the ON position; leave 1-2mm on the outside of key socket.

Attention: Inserting the car key into the key hole is to release the steering wheel lock, bypass module is to release the chip key(RFID key), chip key is used to lock car engine. You can remote start your car when you release the steering wheel lock and chip key lock.

How to install the bypass module?(Please note a spare key is required to go inside the Box, if your original key is too big, please open it to get the chip unit )

Some cars have RFID car key (chip key), if you want to remote start car, you need to have a bypass module, otherwise the car engine can’t started.
Main Steps:
1) Remove the key screws of bypass module control box, open the control box;
2) Insert the OEM car key or key PCB or Key chip under the wire;
3) Lock the locker and press the wires close to the remote key, or key PCB or Key chip;
4) Tighten the screws and lock the case;
5) Circles the sensing the wire on the OEM car key socket(circle more circles can enhance the signal;
6) Fasten the sensing wires to the car key socket with glue;
7) Try to start car engine to confirm the bypass module working, if it is not working, please try circle sensing wire more circles on the car key socket, or check the connection if it is right;
8) Place the bypass module in a hidden place.

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