Product features

  • ►360 degree view car camera system can clearly and truly show your car's driving condition, you can see any part of your car's position, make your driving easy and safe
  • ►You can choose a different angle to view your car's surroundings, and it automatically switches the view when you turn and reverse
  • ►Can display the bird's-eye, front and rear views, making it possible to check the vehicle's 360-degree surroundings simultaneously with either the front and back
  • ►Super HD Night Vision Without Light CarThree 360 car view camera use the high quality sensor and fu 6 Glass, With the uniquetechnology of strong light suppression and noise reduction, makes it like daytimewithout any light. t solves the stubborn illness that can not be seen at night, andmakes the night no longer dark
  • ►A convenient installation car with a harmless appearance,If buy this car rearview camera, you will eliminate most of the blind spots, makes much easier for parking and passing the narrow road.

Product Description

Why You choose 360 around view system?
☛ 360 around view system captures images synchronously from 4 wide-angle cameras mounted in the front, rear, left and right of the car.
☛ Through a series of image processing, the system finally generates a bird view picture which also called full view focused on the car and its surroundings.
☛ It helps the driver see everything clearly around the car, which can make driving safer.
☛ Besides the full view, the system also has some other useful features, for example, Ultra night vision, track, DVR and more.

Full View: excellent image fusion, complete elimination of blind spots, no delay.
Image Setting: Users can set the field of single view, image brightness and full view position.
Local Playback: 4-channel 720P playback, supports fast forward and rewind.
Driving Record:the system will auto record when the car acc on recod 4 channels video

Brief of the recording function:
►The system will automatically start recording when the car ACC ON, with loop recording for every 3 minutes. For a 16GB Card can last about 20 hour.
►When the car is ignited and the monitor doesn’t show the video from the cameras, the system will record in the background. The bird view and the front view will be recorded.
►When the car is ignited and the monitor is showing the video from the cameras, all the scenes displayed on the monitor will be recorded. ( It could be the bird view and one view of left, right, front, or rear view).

Please be noted:
This product does not include the display, it has an AV OUT connector, you can connect your DVD, navigation, monitor which have AV IN connector.

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