Product features

  • Get Your Car Protected: Theives found a new weakness in the keyless entry to people's car,simply with a digital reader, they can steal your keyfob's code and drive away your car, a faraday bag can help you prevent these kind of thefts.
  • How Our Fob Protector Pouch Works: QZYL upgraded faraday box provides a complete signal blocking for your fobs, with metallic layers inside, our fob pouch can block all those RFID scanners & readers detecting your fob's signals.
  • Two Compartments Working For You: Both two layers in our fob case can block signals for you, also it is an extra storage for your ID cards,door keys,etc.
  • Durable & Comfortable& Safe Design:3.7*5.5 inch by dimension, it is slim and suitable enough to get everywhere. Besides key fobs, it also blocks signals for WiFi cards,thumbdrives and other small devices too.
  • Universal Fit for All Key Fobs: It fits and protects all luxury and economy models, simply putting your keyless fob into our fob pouch.

Product Description

Keyless entry and starting for your car is convenient and user-friendly, but it does leave you vulnerable to high-tech thieves. Those criminals use relay attack devices to ‘read’ the key from outside your house. With the code copied, they can simply drive off in your vehicle.
To get away with this situation,you need our two-compartment fob guard.

Normally the working range for those standard car key fob is maybe 4 feets,while amazingly,a theft repeater can work ranging up to 60 feets.
You can be in your home, in a restaurant or anywhere near your car, theives can break into your car and drive it if you are a car owner,just get the fob protector pouch for safety!

Used for:
WIFI/GSM/LTE/NFC/RF Blocker For Travel&Home&EMP Protection and Solar Flare Protection.

Dimension:3.7*5.5 Inch
Weight:1.44 Ounces
Material:PU Leather and Nylon
Package:2 pack QZYL faraday cases

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