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Product features

  • 1.Keyless Entry: Auto lock or unlock car door without remote lock or unlock action. Pke enable or disable can be set. Push Start Stop: Push Start Stop with brake or without brake action. Shortly press it without brake action. ACC-ON-OFF in turn.
  • 2.Remote Start Stop: Remote Start Stop in arm or in disarm status. Holding the third or fourth for more than 2 seconds. Driving Lock: Driving lock all car doors Engine off: unlock all car doors, this feature can be enabled or disabled.
  • 3.Auto Window Up: Closing window output after lock action. Only working with these cars installed with window closer module. Remote open trunk: Hold the unlock button for more than 3 seconds. Supporting +/- trunk trigger.
  • 4.Light&Sound Alarm: shock sensor alarm side door alarm motion alarm illegal start alarm Exchange with vocal alarm and mute alarm. Door Opening and flashing Light: Parking the car, open the car door, car tuning light will flash, this function can be disabled. Finding the car: in the parking area, press finding funding buttons along with 6 times siren sound and 6 times light flashing.
  • 5.Hopping Code: Hopping Code against grabbed code, scanning code, dublicated code. Smart Hijacking: Hijacking the car when engine is running. Car auto will be auto off when smart key is away from the car for several minutes. Passwords keyless: smart key is broken
  • smart key is lost
  • smart key battery is empty, please remember your password to unlock and drive.

Product Description

GSM&GPS car alarm with engine start stop button
neutral black main unit box
with password key pad
with shock sensor
Basic Features:

1.passive lock or unlock car door(enable or disable PKE)
2.remote engine start stop
3.push start stop engine
4.window rolling up output
5.central lock automatication(enable or disable)
6.remote open trunk
7.mute mode
8.service mode
9.emergency disarm
10.3d pke antenna and smart key
12.supporting +/- trunk or +/- siren
13.side door alarm/hood alarm/trunk alarm
14.supporting diesel or petrol car
15.supporting manual or auto transmission
16.RFID emergency unlock and drive
17.Smart Anti Hijacking
19.passwords key pad

Mobile APP basic features:

APP lock car door
APP unlock car door
APP open trunk
APP finding the car
APP start engine
APP stop engine
APP GPS online location
APP history record
APP alarm information reminder
APP Voice Monitoring
APP operation record seaching

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