Product Description

Product Description:
Car Rearview Mirror Protective Film
Round Diameter: 10cm/3.93In
Package Weight: 20g
Material: PET
Package include: 2 * Car Rearview Mirror Protective Film

Easy Installation:
1.Clean the glass surface to make sure there is no dust or foreign objects
2.Spray the evenly pure water on the mirror surface
3.Tear off the transparent protective film, affixed to the mirror surface
4.Choose the right position, slowly paste from top to bottom
5.Remove air bubbles and moisture with cleaning cloths and scrapers
6.Finally tear the top protect film. Finished

Notes :
Anti-fog film: To prevent the mirror produces fog, to prevent the formation of mist in the mirror above the fog
Antifogging: Due to super hydrophilic hard coating, water droplets can spread over quickly and no dewcondensation
Anti-Stain: Water goes into between super hydrophilic hard coat surface and dart can be remove easily
Application: Apply to the car rearview mirror, bathroom mirror, vanity mirror and other glass mirrors
This product is Soft Film, but Not Tempered Glass!

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