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Product features

  • Bypass Module Interface for Pioneer AVH - W4400NEX, 2300NEX, 200EX, 201EX, 210EX, 4200NEX, 601EX, 1300NEX, 2440NEX, 2330NEX, X490BS, 1330NEX, 3300NEX, X4800BS, X2800BS, 211EX, 290BT, X390BS, 291BT, 1440NEX, 280BT, 501EX, 500EX, 600EX, X5500BHS, 1400NEX, P1400DVD, 2400NEX, 3400NEX, P8400BH, 4201NEX, X7800BT, X391BHS, 270BT, X2700BS, P4000DVD, 4100NEX, P3200BT, X5700BHS, X3800BHS, X1600DVD, X1500DVD, X5800BHS, P4400BH, P4300DVD, X2600BT, P4100DVD, X3700BHS, 295BT, P2400BT, P3400BH, P2300DVD
  • Video In Motion Interface for Select Pioneer Receivers AVH - 4000NEX, X8500BHS, X2500BT, X3600BHS, X8750BT, 200BT, X4500BT, P5700DVD, 110BT, P3100DVD, X4700BS, 180DVD, X1800S, X491BHS, X8850BT, P3300BT, 190DVD, X5600BHS, 3300BT, P4200DVD, X4600BT, X7500BT, P6300BT, 100DVD, X3500BHS, 5200BT, X390BT, 170DVD, P3200DVD, P6800DVD, X8800BT, X6800DVD, X7700BT, P5000DVD, X1700S, P5900DVD, X6700DVD, P6500DVD, 2400BT, X6500DVD, 6300BT, Z2050BT, 271BT, P5100DVD, P5200DVD, 2300DVD, P5200BT, 1400DVD
  • Video Bypass for Pioneer AVH - 1500NEX, 1550NEX, 160DVD, 2550NEX, 3100DVD, 3200BT, 3200DVD, 3400DVD, 3500DVD, 3700DVD, 3800DVD, 4400BT, 5200DVD, 5300DVD, 5400DVD, 8400BT, P3400DVD, P4900DVD, P6000DVD, P6050DVD, P6600DVD, P7480DVD, P7500DVD, P7600DVD, P7800DVD, P7900DVD, P8400BT, X1700DVD, X1800DVD, X180DVD, X2700BT, X2800BT, X4500DVD, X4600DVD, X4700DVD, X4800DVD, X5500BT, X5600BT, X5700BT, X5800BT, X8500BT, X8600BT, X8700BT, Z2000BT, Z2100BT, Z5000BT, Z5100BT, Z9100BT
  • Parking Brake Switch Fully Automatic Video in Motion Interface for Pioneer AppRadio 2, AppRadio 3, AppRadio 4, MVH-1400NEX, MVH-200EX, MVH-2300NEX, MVH-2400NEX, MVH-300EX, MVH-AV270BT, MVH-AV280BT, MVH-AV290BT, SHP-DA210, SPH-DA100, SPH-DA110, SPH-DA120, AVIC-U220, AVIC-U250, AVIC-U260, AVIC-U280
  • ▶ 3 wires install, no switches. ▶ Not compatible with Pioneer AVIC Navigation Models, or First Gen AppRadio (SPH-DA01 or SPH-DA02). ▶ This product is meant for off-road, retail display, and show-use only.

Product Description

Automatic Video Activation Interface for All Pioneer AVH, AVH-P, AVH-X, MVH, and DVH Models (Including but not limited to):

AVH – 200EX, 201EX, 210EX, 211EX, 500EX, 501EX, 600EX, 601EX

AVH – X391BHS, X491BHS, X3500BHS, X3600BHS, X3700BHS, X3800BHS, X5500BHS, X5600BHS, X5700BHS, X5800BHS, X8500BHS

AVH – 1300NEX, 1330NEX, 1400NEX, 1440NEX, 1500NEX, 1550NEX, 2300NEX, 2330NEX, 2400NEX, 2440NEX, 2550NEX, 3300NEX, 3400NEX, 4000NEX, 4100NEX, 4200NEX, 4201NEX, W4400NEX

AVH – X390BS, X490BS, X2700BS, X2800BS, X4700BS, X4800BS

AVH – X1700S, X1800S

AVH – P3400BH, P4400BH, P8400BH

AVH – P2400BT, P3200BT, P3300BT, P5200BT, P6300BT, P8400BT

AVH – P1400DVD, P2300DVD, P3100DVD, P3200DVD, P3400DVD, P4000DVD, P4100DVD, P4200DVD, P4300DVD, P4900DVD, P5000DVD, P5100DVD, P5200DVD, P5700DVD, P5900DVD, P6000DVD, P6050DVD, P6500DVD, P6600DVD, P6800DVD, P7480DVD, P7500DVD, P7600DVD, P7800DVD, P7900DVD

AVH – X180DVD, X1500DVD, X1600DVD, X1700DVD, X1800DVD, X4500DVD, X4600DVD, X4700DVD, X4800DVD, X6500DVD, X6700DVD, X6800DVD

AVH – 100DVD, 160DVD, 170DVD, 180DVD, 190DVD, 1400DVD, 2300DVD, 3100DVD, 3200DVD, 3400DVD, 3500DVD, 3700DVD, 3800DVD, 5200DVD, 5300DVD, 5400DVD

AVH – 110BT, 200BT, 270BT, 271BT, 280BT, 290BT, 291BT, 295BT, 2400BT, 3200BT, 3300BT, 4400BT, 5200BT, 6300BT, 8400BT

AVH – X390BT, X2500BT, X2600BT, X2700BT, X2800BT, X4500BT, X4600BT, X5500BT, X5600BT, X5700BT, X5800BT, X7500BT, X7700BT, X7800BT, X8500BT, X8600BT, X8700BT, X8750BT, X8800BT, X8850BT

AVH – Z2050BT, Z2000BT, Z2100BT, Z5000BT, Z5100BT, Z9100BT

MVH – 200EX, 300EX

MVH – 1400NEX, 2300NEX, 2400NEX

MVH – AV270BT, AV280BT, AV290BT

SPH – DA100, DA110, DA120, DA210, DA130DAB, DA230DAB

AppRadio 2, 3, 4

AVIC – U220, U250, U260, U280

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